New logo!

 So here's the new look I've created for my brand...

I was trying to figure out a logo for myself that speaks to who I am, my personality, and my story; something that represents the brand i want to create for my company.  If you're really observant, you may have noticed I changed my favicon [the little box next to my web address up top] recently.  I took the inspiration of that from some cut-out letters of my last name sitting on a shelf in my home.

They sit in front of a galvanized metal planter box with green moss and orange berries.  I took the typewriter font from the "K" and put it in front of a grey background with some orange berries in the right upper corner. I mean, what's Kara Kersten Design or The Kersten Haus without my last name Kersten?!?

Anyway, after reading some of my book The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin, I got some inspiration for my logo.  There's a quote by Matt Stinchcomb, the Vice President of community development for etsy.com that said, "A brand is much more than a logo.  Your brand is your lifestyle & overall embodiment of what your business is about.  It is really important that you're telling your story.  Your story is your brand."  I tried to think of my story, describing words, what other's would say about me, how I see myself, etc...  I like change, spontaneity, color, vibrance, surprise, I like to adapt to different environments, solve people's dilemmas for THIER life with THIER style- not mine.  But how do I leave my own stamp on my work at the same time?  [So far, I think my stamp has been left through relationships and people.  I've left an impression of authenticity and community with the people who have touched my life and I'm happy with that.]  How do I come up with a recognizable symbol that is stabile, constant, and predictable when I am not always predictable?  How do I come up with something that can adapt, change, and morph while still being the same?  So I took inspiration from my little favicon, and realized the berries could be circles, the circles could be interesting fabrics and patterns, they could change color with seasons, projects, product lines, and still be recognizable.  It feels happy, crafty, simple, exciting, and fun, but most of all- like me.  I love that I don't feel restricted to a dead-set symbol with no flexibility, I can change up the colors, and pattern to mimic my many different moods and endeavors as I feel...  freedom!

Here is the New Business card design I came up with:



Tell me what you think of my new logo and business cards- I'd love to hear your feedback!


Austin & Terri said...

I love your little favicon, but for some reason I can't see it on my web address bar. Also, love the business cards!

Kelley said...

Love it! i especially love the pink one but lets face it i love anything pink :) did you design the layout for your blog? what did you use to do it? ive been toying with the idea of doing mine but all the tutorials ive read make it seem like way to much work.

Jim said...

How fun, Kara!

I think I really like the right-weighted front of the card!

Those colors feel great, especially this time of year--and I love the idea of being able to change them freely from season-to-season or project-to-project!

The curvature of the serifs feels a bit too severe to me, makes it feel too busy...but without any (as in the initial version) feels too "hard" and unfriendly. hmm.

Likewise, the tails on the "a"s in kara feel very attention-hungry...they make it difficult (for me) to focus on the rest of the text

I wonder what would happen if "kara kersten design" shared the same size typeface, with varied kerning so that they still looked justified?


vicky said...

I LOVE IT! I really like that you can change up the colors and I like the imbalance of the design. Very creative.