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[Barbara Frets Simmons]

Look what I found at my grandma's recently of my Nana in the newspaper from 1985 (I was 1 year old)

Online, I also found her painting on the cover of American Artist Magazine, June 1985:

Barbara Frets Simmons 

Barbara Frets Simmons was voted “Class Artist” when she was a child and she always dreamed of going to art school.  But her father was more practical and insisted that she should get a degree in teaching…art.  After she married and began her family, she designed jewelry at home when her children were young.

By the 1990’s she was into her second career that of a well established painter, concentrating mainly on figures.  Soon she discovered sculpting and after creating several pieces she really liked she applied and was accepted in Loveland, Colorado’s juried exhibition.  She has been exhibiting her work since then. 

She continues her interest in figures – their expressions, attitudes, and gestures - and captures ordinary moments in life that people can instantly relate to.  Barbara Frets Simmons says “In my paintings, I create the environment, whereas in my sculpture, you put them in the environment”. 

 [from Sculpture in the South]

You might remember she painted Matt & my portraits hanging in our hallway:

and the tomatoes in our kitchen:

 She is famous for her beach series, sculptures, and photo-realistic style. 

My dad was so happy when she decided to surprise him with paintings of his beloved English Bulldogs!

The set of paintings of me, my husband, and my brothers that hangs in my parents' home:

Check out some of her work here:

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Austin & Terri said...

I love that the artistic talent runs in the family.