Metallic Shine

The aim of this project was to create an organic design using neutral colors infused with metallic accents



The sketch I presented the client along with tile samples before the project began:

 This fireplace surround consists of slate, glass mosaic, stained glass, glazed ceramic, metal accent pieces, and multiple types of liners in between sections.  
Bronze, gold, silver, iron, cream, cinnamon, browns, and copper colors were used

Tile from: International Materials of Design, Sunderland Tile, Bearden's Stained Glass, Home Depot, & Lowe's


Stripping Stone

This was a Fireplace that had a strange greenish/yellow glossy glaze over all of the stone...why?!!
I stripped the glaze from the stone (NOT an easy process!) and Cleaned it up with a matte sealer.
We also mosaiced between the wood trim around on the hearth and mantle with 1x1" glass.

 Can you see the green shine that the stone cast before in the picture below?
(In person, it made the stone look fake since it was so shiny)

One last look at before and after:
(of course, much more drastic in person)  

Does anyone notice the other change?... the brass was sprayed black with high heat paint on the screen!


Loft Space

Furnished loft space in downtown Kansas city for West Elm

 (Items from 2009 collection)

Tile Maniac!

 These are some of my past mosaic projects I've done

A bar with a cushion-wrapped front edge and built-in stirrer stick cups and coasters

This fireplace was art of a home makeover
see the before and after photos HERE

tile around an outdoor fireplace