Purple/Blue Girl's Bedroom

My mom and I recently re-did my cousins Morgan's bedroom while she was on vacation!

She turned 10, and her room needed an update for her age.  She had lots of pink and purple in her room previously, and since she's a bit of a tom-boy we didn't want the color scheme to be too girly.


Our biggest surprise to her was the sliding barn door.  She already had a small door in the corner that goes to a small finished attic space used as a playroom that her dad built.  We thought it would be so cool to have a door that hides it like a secret passageway.

Morgan picked out her bedding, which had lots of black, gray, and purple tones.  We based the room off of that and added some sparkle here and there.


She requested that we paint some circles on the wall with different colors, so we made a wall that looks as if we splashed circles of different sizes across it!  

Some of the circles are mirrors attached with 3M stickies, and a few are zebra decals, and a couple are pizza pans used as magnet boards.


We made the sliding barn door out of a 30" flat hollow-core wood door from HomeDepot with a sliding door track attached to a painted 2x6.  She already had a guitar that we hung on a wall guitar display hanger.

The chandelier and mirror are from Hobby Lobby

The window treatment is hung higher, close to the ceiling, to make the window look larger, the ceiling look higher, and to act as a headboard.



We also got a plexiglass shelf from cb2.com for her books she reads before bed.

There are hooks on the wall by her door for her backpack and jackets.



Love you Morgie!

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European-Inspired Mosaics

Mom and I were commissioned to create two custom mosaic art pieces for a basement remodel.
[Click HERE to see the rest of the basement project.]

The first was for a recessed arched niche at the base of the staircase.  The homeowner had a very neutral material palette in throughout the space and wanted to add pops of color in the artwork.  We used European shapes and architectural salvage materials as inspiration.   

 It's always really hard to do a commission because you can't draw or explain quite what it will look like when it's done since it's artwork.  Most of it comes as you go; shapes and layout change as you glue tile on the board and get new inspiration for new things.  Many times, we will have a very basic idea of what we want, but the tile usually guides us to evolve as we go.  This is what we started with:

The evolution and creation of the arched mosaic:

We draw and re-draw with sharpie on the wood.  Then lay tile to get an idea of how the colors relate.

Tile finished/glued, but not yet grouted:

 The evolution of the space:

The other mosaic we did was a focal point in the center of the backsplash behind the bar.

Finished and in their final destinations!

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Simple Kitchen

This was a quick turn-around kitchen for a gorgeous house close to Loose Park in KCMO.

The cabinets were refinished in a rich dark stain, granite and stone backsplash that blend together to disappear into the background were installed, along with an undermount granite composite sink.

The hardwood oak floors look rich with age and character against the dark cabinets.