Farmhouse Update

Our family farm is in need of a facelift.  It used to belong to my great grandpa ("Poppy") and great grandma.  My grandma grew up here and then moved to Raytown when she married my grandpa Bob.  They retired in Lee's Summit, where she lives now, and we've always come back to the farm to play, hang out, have bon-fires, hay-rides, celebrate birthdays, etc...  It's been since December 2010 that my great grandma, at the age of 101, passed away and no one has lived in this house.  We want to revitalize it and make it a place ready for large groups of friends and family to gather, make food, drink, and be merry!  But also a place that the younger generations continue to enjoy and cherish with many memories.

The kitchen needs new cabinetry, counters, and flooring.  We will be reconfiguring some of the plumbing/appliances and taking out that peninsula for a cute island in the center of the room.  This should help with traffic flow a lot and add charm with a place to sit and snack.

This one-piece sink is just too cool (probably worth a bit of money too).  We would keep it here, but the cabinets aren't in great shape, so we're going to move it to the barn where there's plumbing and use it for big parties down there.

 This cow head dish towel holder is too funny- we have to keep and re-hang it in the new kitchen!  Apparently, my mom gave it to great grandma at one time.  Makes for a very country kitchen look!

 Here are the current bathrooms.  they will be sooo different after we get our hands on them.

The living room is sort of an odd shape, but spacious.  We'll just be updating the paint, carpet, furniture, and some lighting fixtures to make it fresh.

The back screened-in porch needs some cleaning and new screens.  We will be replacing the outdoor carpeting and putting new cushions on the repainted chair frames.

 The deck just needs to be power-washed and sealed, but is a great place to sit and talk.

 Can't wait to show you photos of the process, and especially the after photos of our soon-to-be adorable country kitchen!

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Austin & Terri said...

Looks like a fun project!