Design Complete

The kitchen design I worked on a while back has been solidified and is scheduled to start demolition in a couple of weeks!  This was the sketch of the overall layout/style:

The whole kitchen is basically being gutted and flip-flopped.  The photos of the existing kitchen below show how there is a peninsula that divides the space in half and makes for awkward traffic flow.  We will be moving the cabinetry to the far end wall where the table/chars are now and opening up the wall into the living room to create a bigger gathering area.  The table/chairs will be moved to the side the kitchen cabinets are now and the exterior wall will have big sliding doors open to the deck for easier outdoor access!  The large island makes for more convenient cooking space and entertaining.

 Here is the new look & configuration of the wall above:

 The backsplash with a niche above the stove for oils and spices being used:

Can't wait for the process to begin.  More photos of the construction process and beautiful after photos to come in due time!

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Austin & Terri said...

I can't wait to see it too!