Calling all Sororities!

My mom, and I recently finished a commissioned piece we made for the Delta Gamma house in Indiana.
If you recall, we created a small crest for their auction a while back.
They went CRAZY over it and asked us to do a poster-size one to hang on the wall in their chapter room!

Photos of the mosaic in-the-making:


The pictures with us are to give you an idea of scale and how large this thing is.

The Close-up Details: 

 Any other Sororities want a custom crest for your chapter house???  ...gimme a call!
Do I hear some friendly competition between sororities starting?


Lindsey said...

OMG! That's frik frackin' fantastic! By far my favorite thing I've seen you guys do!

kara said...

Maybe you should go tell your Pi Phi friends and get them to commission one from us!!!