Botanical Decals

Here are some new wall decals that I bought for my laundry room bi-folding doors:

I've been wanting to do something creative to my white laundry room doors for a while now.  The corner just needed some added color because they were white, next to a white garage door, next to a white back door, with a white table and chairs, in a white kitchen!!!

I'd been looking for a wall decal for these doors, but was really picky.  These had my colors and were simple enough, from Wall-Pops.  You don't think they're too girly for my husband do you? ha!  The butterfly doesn't help.  Oh well, he says he likes it!

A shot of our laundry room before our construction project and an after:


[I cut a couple of the decals to bridge the gap between two of the doors so they don't look like they're compartmentalized between the four parts of the door]

This way I can peel them off with no harm to the paint if I get tired of them- they're totally easy to peel and re-position when putting them on the walls!

To see the full laundry closet construction project, click HERE!


Austin & Terri said...

What a fun idea, I like it!

Kelley said...

love them! i have been wanting some decals for our bedroom...or a fun painting but haven't found any i am in love with. will have to check this site out