Mega Mosaic Phase 1

So if you've wondered why I've been M.I.A. it's because I've not only been working on multiple remodel projects, but mom and I have also been working on the largest mosaic we've ever done!

This is the progress of our 3 huge panels we're creating for DFlaw firm in Park Place Leawood, KS.
To see the first post of the beginning of the project click HERE!

Here's the guys (Randy, Doug, Chuck- hiding, Evan, and Tim) and I checking out their new space in progress.

These are the spots our mosaics will go.  A 5'wide x 2'high landscape behind the reception desk, and three 7'high x 3'wide panels forming a triptych on this wall at the end of the main hallway in the lobby:

The Process:

The three boards started out like this:
leaning up against the wall while we stared at them for a while.

Then we laid them on the ground and started laying tile where we envisioned it and drawing lines with a sharpie to guide us.  Of course, things move around and adjust as you go- getting started is the hardest part even with a good idea in your head of what your plan is.

Our system:
I draw the lines on the tile for where to be cut, mom cuts on one of our three tile saws depending on the  material and shape of cut.  We both glue & grout.

 Here's what it looked like when we were almost done gluing tile on one of the three boards
[mind you it took about a week to get to this point]:

Check out our working conditions:
[the garage]

Having a mother and her pregnant daughter working in the garage space in 100 degree weather is not ideal.  Unfortunately, we were unable to take these big boys downstairs into our art room because they won't fit down the stairs.  So we put plastic up accross the whole garage space with a door and bought a portable air conditioner.  Wow does it make a difference!

[me dying of heat and exhaustion...maybe being melodramatic.]

Our friend John even helped out a little bit!

more to come...

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