Landscape Mosaic

We've finished tiling the three panels and have now started the landscape mosaic that will be hanging over the reception desk at DFRGR law firm! 

We started by laying out and gluing the liners that break up the sections of tile.

The inspiration for this piece was an abstract interpretation of the waving fields of wheat and prairie grass in Kansas.  The liner curves mimic one of the wallpaper patterns used in the space and the colors go with the overall scheme.

All Grouted and ready to hang:

Next step, to install all of the mosaics in the space and add the stained wood frames!
Finished photos to come!


The Mahoney's said...

Very neat! You are so creative and talented! I just read through some of your old blogs and have to say...CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you are having a smooth pregnancy! So happy for you!

Austin & Terri said...

Looks so good Kara!! You guys are awesome!