Knit Together

I recently painted a series of 9 12"X12" textured canvases for my dear friends Lindsey & Ryan.

Titled: "Psalm 139:13"

I was inspired by the word "knit" in the verse, and wanted an abstract representation of fabric being knit together with a crosshatch pattern.

I wanted it to be more neutral in grey, grey-blues, silvers, and charcoal in the background with punches of purple, black, & blue.  They wanted more color in their house but weren't sure what.  So I decided to  choose for them!  Since they both went to K-State- purple would be a a color both could agree on!

I'll post photos of it in their living room once they're hung after the holidays!

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

Love them!! Can't wait to get them hung up. :)