Framed Wall Vignette

 My latest project has been putting together all of the frames I'd collected over the past couple of years into a central vignette above the sofa.

It all started with this cardboard deer head we bought on sale through Joss & Main.

[Jager ponders the deer's head looming above him]

First I started with a rough sketch of what I pictured
[in order to explain the thoughts floating in my head to my husband!]

Then I laid my collected items on the floor in different arrangements
until I was completely satisfied with the composition
[confession: These all laid on my studio floor for about two weeks while I mulled over it all] 

My biggest tip for hanging a collection of things on the wall is to:
cut newspaper clippings the size of each item!  I learned this from Young House Love.
I labeled them so I would know which piece went with what frame and taped them to the wall the way I had laid it all out on the floor.

Tools Needed:
hammer, small level, tape measure, scotch or blue tape, pencil, and various-sized nails

By taping newspaper pieces to the wall, you can then draw with a pencil where the nail should go by measuring how far down the hook is on the back of each frame.  Then just nail right through the newspaper and then peel it off the wall!

My plan is to change out the graphics for each season.  Right now I have Christmas-related prints in all of the frames.  I think it would be cool one season to have just bright blocks of solid color in each frame.

 The Close-up Details:

A shadowbox [from Target] I lined with craft paper, and hung an ornament in:

My favorite by far is the kid on the right:
It just cracks me up that as your eye moves across all of the items, you will randomly stop at the strange kid holding presents! ha!

I love finding & creating humor in design!

 And to leave you on a final note:


Austin & Terri said...

I love this!! You are so creative. And that little kid is hilarious!

Lindsey said...

I love love love this! You should leave a comment on YHL's blog to let them know you did this! Also, you really should email them some before and after pictures of all your house remodels! You could get featured!

Jager cracks me up in all these photos. Good shots!

Kara Kersten said...

Here's Sherry's comment from Young House Love:

Kara says:
January 10, 2012 at 7:01 pm
I just put up a new grouping of frames over our sofa this past month. I used collected frames and items I had with graphics I found online that I liked. I wanted to be able to change out the graphics for each season/holiday, etc…

Here’s what I had in them for Christmas: http://thekerstenhaus.blogspot.com/2011/12/framed-wall-vignette.html

I got the tip for using newspaper to hang them from you guys- thanks for that!!!

YoungHouseLove says:
January 10, 2012 at 8:09 pm
Love it! Looks amazing with the cardboard deer head in the mix!