Happy Closets

Matt & I just finished a small project I've been wanting to do for a long time.  We built chunky floating shelves for my studio closet out of mdf board from Home Depot, caulked the edges & seams, and primed and painted them white to pop against the orange background!

Before                                       After

 After we bought the house, we painted this room white with one orange accent wall and across from that, the inside of the open closet.  Previously, the closet had a curtain on a tension rod and everything was beige.  The clothes rod (above left) was already there.  We took advantage of that and built the shelves around the existing pieces.

We left the bottom of the lower shelf open so you can still use the rod for hanging clothes, but it's hidden behind the front panel. (I should probably paint the underside white, although you don't see it unless you're on the floor)

Here are a few other small closets that I find happy and inspiring:

 crafting closets                            kids play area

 vanity area in small closet        closet with patterned wallpaper

 office closet

 reading nooks

 kids retreats

tiny desk area

Let me know if you plan to do something cool with a closet of yours or send me pictures of finished projects!


Robert Sharp said...

Hiding the rod like that is pretty brilliant.

Lindsey said...

Love, love, love it!

Austin & Terri said...

I love your ideas!

kara said...

you all are too kind!