A Beautiful Life Celebrated with Art

In honor of our dear friend Karen Bullard, who passed away this week, I'm posting about her involvement in my life and the mosaics she commissioned us to do for her gorgeous home.

This is me, Karen, and her sweet mom Beverly (that passed away not that long ago) on our annual "Girl's Lake Trip" to the Ozarks.  We always looked forward to getting together with some good wine and antique shopping!

Karen & her husband Ed collected beautiful and eclectic art from everywhere they went.  Their home is a perfect and warm representation of how all of the things you love and inspire you can come together in one loving, welcoming, and harmonious blend!

Here is the LARGE abstract mosaic she asked my mom to do for a tall niche in her home: [It also includes broken pieces of hand-painted pottery Karen admired]

The mosaic below was a smaller niche on the landing in their stairwell.  Karen & Ed had recently been to Italy and desired something resembling the Tuscan vineyards.  The label on the wine bottle is an actual label from an extremely expensive bottle of wine their friends brought them one night!

 Karen was a part of so many moments in my life I didn't even realize.  She was at many birthday parties, annual lake trips, family get-togethers, many of my bridal showers, my bachelorette party, and our wedding.

Here she is when her & her sister Kathy surprised me for a bridal shower out at an old antique bed & breakfast!

My grandma Bette, Karen, Kathy, and my mom Vicky 

This is a gorgeous one of her dancing with her husband at our wedding

Vintage photo-booth fun with her sister Kathy, daughter Olivia, and husband Ed

She will be incredibly missed by so many people.  I'm rejoicing she will forever know what it's like to live in complete presence of God from this point on. 

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Lindsey said...

What gorgeous pictures. This made me tear up.