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This is the kitchen remodel I've been working on in Lee's Summit, MO for a while.  The design process started about a year ago and now it's finally finished!  Click HERE to see the post about us tiling the backsplash.

A quick sketch I did when we were trying to figure out what the new layout should be:

[The before photo below shows how the old kitchen connected to the office/used-to-be dining room and had an octagonal-like shape.  It didn't wok well and created strange shaped corner cabinets that didn't efficiently store dishes, etc...  We pulled the back wall forward actually shrinking the size of the kitchen, but opened up the walls to the family room and created a walk-in pantry and mudroom space that previously didn't exist behind that back wall!]

preliminary sketch:

The whole living room/kitchen space is much more opened up now and makes for easier entertaining!

The old fireplace was mosaiced by my mom and I at one point to update the old green marble and white trim surround in the living room, but we all agreed to make everything more cohesive- the whole fireplace wall shaft had to go and be updated so it looked similar on both sides.  To add some architectural interest, without the cost of tiling or adding stone to the entire fireplace wall, we inserted drywall channels that run horizontal grooves around all 3 sides to break it up a bit.

before:                                                                  during:

detail shot of the walnut wood flooring wrapping around the fireplace next to the red oak flooring in the rest of the kitchen:

before:                                                           after:

All of the trimwork around the windows and baseboard were replaced with simple 4" wide stained wood instead of the old traditionally routed golden oak


The lighting was all replaced with LED energy efficient lighting and smart controls that link to your phone and ipad remotely.  We also built a floating plane over the island [with dimmable rope lighting] to add interest to the 6th wall in the room that most people forget about: the ceiling!

[4 vertical walls + the floor = 5 walls + the ceiling = 6... all equally important]


plenty of space to house tupperware, food, small appliances, and bakeware!

The previous space did not have the mudroom area and was arranged a little tighter around the washer/dryer.  Now it has more space to throw coats and shoes so they are out of the path from garage to kitchen.  This space also includes a charging dock on the wall for the family's phones and an ipad dock with lighting controls as well.

modernization complete right in time for Christmas!

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