Wood Slab

Help needed!

The other day Matt went out to help a friend chop down some trees and mill them into wood strips.  It's a tough and dirty job, but we're excited to have some free wood to use for future house projects (including wrapping the divider wall in our living room with horizontal strips)!  Still some more work to do on the logs, but he brought me home this live edge plank that I asked for!  I still need to sand down the flat edge to make it smooth and put a protective finish on it eventually.



 Now the questions is: what am I going to do with it?

 Originally, I pictured something along the lines of a new coffee table made with mid-century hairpin legs:

Check out these miniature wood tables handmade for dollhouses on etsy:

 I could still make it into a long narrow coffee table by adding some metal legs.  Here is a photo I took to help visualize what it would look like in my mind:

It would end up looking a lot like this one:

I've thought about turning it into a wall shelf.  I could put metal brackets under it and sit books on top of it.  Here was my visualization (not in that spot though):

I also wondered about hanging it flat on a wall like artwork over our sofa or in the hallway:

 or using it like a headboard in the same way in our guest room:

Here are a couple of other inspirational photos I found:

Now I need your help!  Comment, and tell me what you think I should do with this slab of wood!


Lindsey said...

All your ideas are really cool! I really love the head board or bench idea too. Can't wait to see what you end up doing with it.

Austin & Terri said...

Cool!! I'm sure you'll come up with a creative way to use it. I'm sorry to not be of much help, but I don't have an eye for that stuff. Maybe ask Janelle! :)

Debbie Kaplan said...

What about attaching interesting hooks, knobs, etc. and hang to use for hanging coats, scarves? Love all of your ideas, Kara - thanks for sharing! Anxious to see what you decide.