Final Kitchen Plans

If you remember a post a while back about Kitchen Proposals for a family Remodel, we recently finished up revisions and have come up with the final product ready for bids!  They are in the process of pricing and finding their chosen General Contractor!  As soon as the constructions process starts, there will be fun updates on the job.

The final plan is based on the second option I had for them which involved a complete gut-job of the existing kitchen and rearranging the layout, plumbing of fixtures/appliances, new cabinets, and a more open space with easier access to the back deck!

Current kitchen photos for reference:

An early sketch of my notes on the job (incase you're curious-I take notes with sketches!):

I can't wait to get involved in the process and see the final product that will improve the daily life of this wonderful family!  Isn't it cool how design can improve life!

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Austin & Terri said...

Cool! Can't wait to see the results :) When does demo start?