"Silverized" Christmas

So, I HAD to make a post solely about my amazing friends Susan, Sally, & Emily, especially after seeing their Christmas decor from my friend Lindsey's blog!  Here is their awesome family:

Since Susan is in the process of remodeling her home, she didn't hesitate one bit on spray painting things silver for Christmas!  These photos, taken by Lindsey, should seriously be published in a magazine.

Check out more photos and details of Susan Ebright's home decorated for Christmas on Lindsey's blog!

she even hand-made and screen-printed pillows!
[Papa is modeling the pillows and chicken footstool for the camera]

Susan & Sally are the creators and force behind The City Girl Farm which has made it's name known from the amazing handmade chicken footstools they sell!

They've made some big waves at art fairs across the country - being featured on the local news stations as well.  Here are some photos of their last booth in St. Louis:

They hand-dye, hand-spin, and hand-weave wool, sew, and screen print items among other things they find inspiring and want to challenge themselves to learn.  With backgrounds in Interior Design & Architecture - their capabilities are limitless!

For our church Farm Party this past fall, they were gracious enough to let us borrow two chickens for a day [for cute photo-ops] and donated screen-printed aprons, t-shirts, & onesies as raffle give-aways!

My husband, Matt, and I showing off [or riding] the chickens!

Kids LOVE them!

... and the winners are ...

see, real men wear chickens!

I wonder what they'll do next???

The City Girl Farm:

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