New Cork Floors

My mom just finished having cork flooring installed in their bedroom and office.  There was originally frieze carpet there [which is soft and awesome], but her unruly dogs kept reminding her that they like it better than grass.  She'd had enough of the old-age dog accidents and was ready for an easy-care option.

There is slate tile throughout the rest of the main level that we could have used, but these two rooms needed a warmer option.  Cork absorbs sound better, has more cushion under foot, and with the dark stain feels warmer like hardwood.  It also repels water better than hardwoods, resists mold, mildew, and insects.  It made sense that doggy accidents would be less damaging on cork floors than carpet, or hardwoods.

Here is my good friend, Christopher, installing the cork strips in the office
[he will hate that I used this picture of him!]

 The Office:

 [I didn't get a chance to snap any before photos of the office that show the carpet]

 We preferred the cork strips rather than the tiles, purely because they resemble hardwood planks.
This specific project called for something that looked more like hardwood to contrast with the slate tile.

[my dog, Jaeger, in the midst of shooting pics!  He's too cute for me to handle!]

The Master Bedroom:




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Miss Jessey said...

I like the cork floors. Rob has the square, you'll have to ask him about it.

Kara Kersten said...

Thanks Jess! I'm interested to see if the Square has been helpful or not- I'll ask him his take next time I see him!