Moustache Madness

So in honor of my husband Matt's moustache he's been growing for 2 months now, I am devoting this post to moustaches in design.  He started growing it for the Renaissance Festival, then it kept going for Oktoberfest, now it's officially "Movember," I don't think it will end before Christmas!

People have gone pretty crazy for them in design lately; here are some of my favorites:

They're even a hit in baby products:

Do you think the craze will end soon?  
...Please convince my husband it is!


Kelley said...

hahaha! that is quite the mustache! he shouldve went as luigi for halloween ;)

Austin & Terri said...

Haha!! So cute!

Kara Kersten said...

UPDATE: Matt shaved off his beard today! This post must've worked!