Masterbath Update

The homeowner's bathroom was a bit outdated and ready for a sophisticated facelift.  The cabinets were kept but re-painted, and a cabinet maker installed the center piece to add more useful storage (including a laundry bin pull-out). The hardware was changed, granite countertops installed, new sinks & faucets, mirrors and lighting.


  hand sketched proposal                              after photo

The wallpaper was stripped off and the walls were painted a creamy bagel color.  The vertical fireplace wall was painted a warm charcoal grey to bring your eye up to the vaulted ceiling and skylights in the space as well as to break up the neutral walls.



Here's a close-up of the backsplash around the sinks.  It's a great blend of charcoal, beige, brown and caramel glass with natural stone in a 2" length brick pattern.

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Kelley said...

Wade and I were just talking about getting that exact backsplash :)your bath looks awesome!