Hints of the Caribbean

These are some drawings I had done for a client to help her get some new ideas for how she could alter her existing KC home.  She was from Miami and missed some of her hometown colors & style.  In the front, she wanted a shaded area to sit and relax with french doors coming out from her living room.

option 1
option 2

The backyard had brick steps coming off of the family room down to a blank patio.  She wanted a new stairway to descend down to the patio with an area above to put a grill.

The drawing I created included built in seating for guests on the patio and a gradual stair since she didn't want to just open the doors and immediately have a huge staircase to look down.


There was a gas fireplace she actually wanted to get rid of.  Instead, she preferred to use the area for another set of french doors out to the back onto a veranda.

 [Either a wrap-around stair on one side, or no balcony and curved stairs around the whole stoop down to the ground]