Pine Dresser Face-lift

My husband had this pine dresser from his childhood home that we decided to re-use for the baby's nursery.  I decided not to paint it yet [one- because we've got so many other projects going on right now that I didn't feel like it, two- I couldn't decide what color to paint it yet anyway, white, grey, teal..., and three- because I think it will cute with just the updated knobs in the spot I have for it right now]



It was just an easy update that took me 5 minutes to switch out the knobs for!  I bought knobs that I liked in pairs at Anthropologie a while back in hopes of using them for this dresser.  I just got all different styles and patterns, but in coordinating colors of aqua blue.  I usually see what kinds of knobs they have on sale and even if I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, I'll buy them marked down for future use.  They just have the cutest stuff you can't find anywhere else!

 Photos of the dresser in it's new nursery space to come...

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