Published Idea

 If you pick up next month's issue (July) of This Old House when it comes out you will see my little project on page 18!  This was from a whole room makeover I did last summer for my cousin Makenzie when she turned 10 years old.  You can see her full room transformation HERE!

They loved the idea of using a frame to display jewelry on the wall and using found and mis-matched hooks to hang each item.  The frame was from an antique store and the hooks were form Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.  I would love to collect them from Architectural Salvage and antique stores in the future, but the project timeline didn't allow me to accumulate a collection of found objects for this specific project.  Here's the tiny little blurb and photo below in the upper right corner below:

Minor detail: It was actually my cousin's room I redesigned (not my niece) but she's so much younger than me she feels like my niece! 

Another friend saw the jewelry display I did for Makenzie and wanted one too.  She bought the frame and hooks (many from Hobby Lobby) and I put it up for her.

Side note: If you use knobs (that are meant for drawer pulls with a screw end) you need to put a drywall anchor into the wall first that the knob can screw into to be secure.  Hooks usually have holes for screws or nails to go through.  If you hit a stud it's easy, if not, I used drywall anchors again just so it wouldn't ever rip out of the wall. 


Jessie said...

Awesome Kara! Congrats!!! You're famous!

Austin & Terri said...

That is soooo cool!!!!